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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long can a user access the Envision programs/watch seminars?

Users have access to all content for 6 months after broadcast (July 31, 2024)

What time does the Envision conference begin? 

The Envision conference starts on the 29th of January through to the 1st of February.

In which languages will the live events and broadcast be available?

The platform is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.
The live programs on Tuesdays as well as the Thursday programs will be simultaneously interpreted into French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. These translations will remain also as VOD.


How can I access the support live chat?

On the virtual platform there is an blue button at the lower left corner of the page. Please click on it and you will be able to chat with the ICEJ Support.


How often will there be live broadcast/events?

There will be live events and broadcasts - Monday (Evening), Tuesday (Morning and Evening), Wednesday (Evening), Thursday (Morning and Evening). Please see for more details the program on the platform.

A person registered and paid, but didn’t receive a confirmation e-mail. What does he need to do?

1. Please check the junk/spam folder in your email inbox 

2. Contact ICEJ Support. ICEJ support will send a ticket to the Registration Department (

How can people pay (by credit card/debit card/bank transfer etc.)?

Payment can be done directly on the website by credit card and debit card. Bank transfer payments - be in personal contact with the Registration Department (

My password doesn't work. What do I do?

On the platform please click on: Forgot Password.

How can I enter the Registration page?

The Registration page can be entered via this page, then click on Register:

Where can I find a general seminar overview?

Please see on the virtual platform. This will only be available for registered visitors. 


Can the seminars and the messages from main speakers be downloaded or purchased on DVD or online (as a file)? And when are they available?

The messages cannot be downloaded, purchase in a DVD or online. You can only listen to the messages livestream on and after the conference for a limited period of time.


What is the price for the online packages?

35 USD per person. Includes: Online access to all the Envision conference sessions. VOD accessibility for six months and a digital certificate of participation. Click HERE to register.


What is the price for the upgraded online package?

99 USD per person. Includes: Online access to all the Envision conference sessions, VOD accessibility for six months, a digital certificate of participation, an ICEJ calendar, and an ICEJ pin. Click HERE to register.

How can the ICEJ assist in applying for visas?

Please contact regarding letters of invitation or group visa applications.


What is the price of the conference without accommodations?

The conference-only price is 870 USD. This price includes the conference sessions, VOD access for 6 months, Welcome Reception, Gala dinner, outings, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast is not included. Transportation to and from the hotel is also not included.


Where is the conference located?

The location of the conference is the Leonardo Hotel Jerusalem.


When is payment for individuals due?

Payment is immediate upon registration for individual delegates.


What are the options for the conference with accommodations?

The double room (shared accommodation with full board meals) costs 1,349 USD per person. The single room (solo accommodation with full board meals) costs 1,669 USD per person. Both packages include the conference, accommodation, excursions, and six months' access to VOD.

How can I attend the conference?

The 2024 Envision Conference is a hybrid event taking place both at the Leonardo Jerusalem and online. Registrations can be made on

When are the dates of the hotel bookings?

Check-in takes place on 29 January 2024, and check-out takes place on 2 February 2024.

I have dietary restrictions. How can I notify the hotel and staff?

In the registration form, there is a section to write any dietary requirements. You may also email

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